Satisfied Clients

  • "ATCC has worked very closely with our company to provide our business with a total business operating manual, along with & systems that meet & exceed all standards of Trucksafe & NHVAS accreditation systems.
    The implementation of our systems by ATCC has not only provided compliance to regulatory rules & regulations, but has provided our company with complete confidence of meeting our obligations under Road Transport's Chain of Responsibility regulations.

    Our customer overview document has provided our customers with the relevant information required to allow them to be confident that they are dealing with a transport provider who has their best interests in mind at all times, whilst being compliant to Road Transport law.
ATCC provides a wide range of consulting services to the transport and associated industries. Listed below are the core services offered, but rest assured that ATCC can help with all transport compliance related matters.

Australian Transport Compliance Centres - Load Restraint Guide
Transport Safety Systems


The ATCC Transport Safety System can be implemented to both on-road and off-road parties, and covers a business’s commitment to both on road compliance and the associated safety obligations.  

Contracted Compliance Management

ATCC works with a number of major transport companies and users of road transport as contracted subject matter experts on transport compliance. For our contracted customers we deliver compliance monitoring and auditing, policy and procedure development, delivery and development of training and investigation services.

Incident Investigation

Australian Transport Compliance Centres - Load Restrain Diagram

ATCC staff has been trained in Incident Cause Analysis Method (ICAM) investigation techniques and will apply these skills to any investigation undertaken for your business providing you with a comprehensive report detailing all contributing factors to the incident.

Breach Investigation


ATCC can investigate any breach to ensure that all parties in the supply chain that have had an influence are identified and that any corrective action taken will provide a sound reasonable steps defence.

Certified Load Restraint Systems

Australian Transport Compliance Centres - Load Restraint

ATCC and our service partners can design and provide certification of load restraint systems. We can also provide load restraint testing of existing systems to ensure compliance with the Load Restraint Guide.

Critical Control Point gap analysis

ATCC can provide clinical critical control point gap analysis of your business to identify those areas that you are most exposed to the C&E legislation. 

Representation to Regulators

Over the years ATCC has built up strong relationships with road regulators in each jurisdiction and has considerable experience in making representation to the regulator on our customer’s behalf.

Permit Applications

ATCC can assist in the collation of required information, development of a sound case and complete your permit application.

Service provider partners

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