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  • "ATCC has worked very closely with our company to provide our business with a total business operating manual, along with & systems that meet & exceed all standards of Trucksafe & NHVAS accreditation systems.
    The implementation of our systems by ATCC has not only provided compliance to regulatory rules & regulations, but has provided our company with complete confidence of meeting our obligations under Road Transport's Chain of Responsibility regulations.

    Our customer overview document has provided our customers with the relevant information required to allow them to be confident that they are dealing with a transport provider who has their best interests in mind at all times, whilst being compliant to Road Transport law.
Australian Transport Compliance Centres - Load RestraintATCC P/L has been at the cutting edge of road transport compliance for the past 14 years. Incorporated in 1998 by Managing Director Richard(Dick) Kyle the business was set up to meet growing need for subject matter expert advice in the area of compliance management.

A quote from Dick in an article published in Truck & Bus May 1999 sums up the company’s philosophy;
Smart Compliance will make the Chain of Responsibility a tool to emphasise the responsibilities’ of each individual in the chain…”

Smart Compliance has been the guiding principal for ATCC throughout the past decade and has seen the company develop or contribute to some of the industry leading compliance systems.
  • Trucksafe ATCC has been a strong promoter of Trucksafe since its inception. Richard Kyle became an endorsed service provider for Trucksafe in June 2003. 
  • Ezi-Check – When ATCC developed the Ezi-Check NHVAS Maintenance Management module we pioneered the use of roller brake testing and play detector vehicle diagnostic equipment as a preventative maintenance tool, breaking down misconceptions around this equipment that were formed when it was used for enforcement.
  • Codes of PracticeATCC developed on behalf of GBMA the first registered road transport law Code of Practice in Australia in 2006. NATIONAL Transport Commission Chairman at the time Michael Deegan congratulated the Gypsum Board Manufacturers of Australasia (GMBA) for developing an independently-audited Industry Code of Practice to guide compliance with new Chain of Responsibility laws for mass, dimension and load restraint. The Gypsum Board Manufacturers of Australasia, which represents five major Australian and New Zealand manufacturers, asked Dick Kyle, Managing Director of Australian Transport Compliance Centres, for assistance in developing a Code of Practice. GMBA Logistics Safety Committee Chairman Ian McHugh said the Code is a valuable risk management tool for gypsum board manufacturers.                                                                  (from NTC website :
  • RLSC Code of ConductATCC has been a part of the RLSC Code of Conduct since the beginning in 2006. We are among the 7 approved audit companies Australia wide and have contributed to the development and promotion of the RLSC Code, the industries only true end to end supply chain compliance program.
  • Advanced Fatigue management (AFM)ATCC has helped a number of transport companies gain their AFM accreditation and are firm believers in the rest management flexibility that the scheme offers. ATCC continues to promote rest management flexibility as the cornerstone to any accredited fatigue management system into the future. 
  • ATCC continues to be at the cutting edge of road transport compliance and remains the smart compliance link in any supply chain.

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