Satisfied Clients

  • "ATCC has worked very closely with our company to provide our business with a total business operating manual, along with & systems that meet & exceed all standards of Trucksafe & NHVAS accreditation systems.
    The implementation of our systems by ATCC has not only provided compliance to regulatory rules & regulations, but has provided our company with complete confidence of meeting our obligations under Road Transport's Chain of Responsibility regulations.

    Our customer overview document has provided our customers with the relevant information required to allow them to be confident that they are dealing with a transport provider who has their best interests in mind at all times, whilst being compliant to Road Transport law.

National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) AuditsATCC can provide NHVAS auditing services Australia wide for Mass, Maintenance and Fatigue management. Further information on NHVAS can be found at:

Trucksafe AuditsATCC can provide Trucksafe auditing services Australia wide. Further information on Trucksafe can be found at:

RLSC Code of PracticeATCC is an authorised audit company under the Australian Logistics Council’s Retail Logistics Supply Chain (RLSC) Code of Practice. Further information on the RLSC Code of Practice and the National Logistics Safety Code can be found at:

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